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Pizza Dough Neapolitan Style 290gr

Pizza Dough Neapolitan Style 290gr Image

Product Information

Pizza Dough Neapolitan Style 290gr - $4.95 each - Handmade Pizza Dough Made in Australia. This is made with the most authentic Neapolitan Pizza Recipe made with just a few simple ingredients. Helpful Tips for you: 1. Let the dough defrost and raise for 8-12 hours - 2. It is ready when it touches the lid - 3. Spread a thin layer of flour on your worktop slightly larger than the size of your pizza tray - 4. Let the dough slide into the flour - 5. Open the dough by gently applying pressure from the centre of the ball to the edge until flat, the size of the pizza tray - 6. Place the base of your pizza tray and add topping - 7. Bake at 250-300 C for 10-12 minutes - 8. Enjoy it!!!