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Italian Montasio DOP 500gr

Italian Montasio DOP 500gr Image

Product Information

Italian Montasio DOP 500gr - $18.95 each - This DOP (PDO) cheese is aged about 2-6 months and has inedible rind. It is a typical table cheese from the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto. It is a semi-hard cooked cheese, compact, white or straw-yellow in color with regular uniform holes. Initially the light brown coloured rind is smooth, elastic and compact, becoming dry over time. The paste becomes more close-textured and flaky as the cheese matures. Extremely versatile in the kitchen, Montasio cheese lends itself well to many dishes, it goes well on bread, in salads, in salty strudels, it’s also a table cheese.