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Delverde - Tubetti Bronzo 54 500gr

Delverde - Tubetti  Bronzo 54 500gr Image

Product Information

Delverde Pasta - Tubetti Bronzo n.54 500gr - $3.95 each Fara San Martino, Abruzzo. While the Verde river has been flowing here for millions of years, Delverde began producing high quality pasta in this area in 1967, following the pasta-making traditions of the Abruzzo region. The tradition of Delverde pasta is born in the waters of the Verde river. This natural environment allows us to use the purest spring waters and only the finest durum wheat semolina to make great-tasting, genuine food products. At Delverde we make our pasta like in the old days: selecting the best durum wheat for a perfect “al dente” bite, extruding it through bronze die for a surface that holds sauce better and letting it dry to preserve the properties of the wheat.